Worlds Apart Richard Cowper

Worlds Apart download cover ebookTitle: Worlds Apart

Author:Richard Cowper

Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

The Sinopsys of Worlds Apart

George Cringe is a middle-aged school-teacher, married with several children. His marriage, while not a failure, is hardly a great success, and he is somewhat drawn towards a fellow teacher, Jennifer Lawton, who is much younger than he is. For relaxation, George has taken to creating an end SF saga set on the planet Agenor, where his hero and heroine, Zil Bryn and Orgypp, face various problems, their current one involving an outbreak of psychedelic mushrooms.Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, on the planet Chnas, life Zil Bryn and his wife Orgypp. Bryn is currently composing a long weird narrative called Shorge Gringe’s Pilgrimage, set on a strange world called Urth . . .

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