Winterland Alan Glynn

Winterland download cover ebookTitle: Winterland

Author:Alan Glynn

Genre: Fiction > Crime

The Sinopsys of Winterland

The worlds of business, politics and crime collide in contemporary Dublin when two men with the same name, from the same family, die on the same night – one death is a gangland murder, the other, apparently, a road accident. Was it a coincidence? That’s the official version of events. But when a family member, Gina Rafferty, starts asking questions, this notion quickly unravels.Devastated by her loss, Gina’s grief is tempered, and increasingly fuelled, by anger – because the she hears that it was all a coincidence, that gangland violence is commonplace, that people die on our roads every day of the week, the she’s prepared to accept it.Told repeatedly that she should stop asking questions, Gina becomes determined than ever to find out the truth, to establish a connection between the two deaths – but in doing so she embarks on a path that will push certain powerful people to their limits…

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