When Darkness Falls Susan Krinard

When Darkness Falls download cover ebookTitle: When Darkness Falls

Author:Susan Krinard

Genre: Romance > Harlequin BooksFiction > Romance

The Sinopsys of When Darkness Falls

Kiss of the Wolf by Susan KrinardSurgeon Dana Saint-Cyr trusted her instincts, even when they urged her toward an irresistible Louisiana man with a wicked reputation. But would she discredit the whispers of his supernatural powers and murderous intent before falling prey to his passion?Shadow Kissing by Tanith LeeArtist Vivien Gray’s new mysterious lover promised soul-stealing ecstasy that haunted her dreams and set her spine tingling. Now their happiness was at stakefrom the ominous evil their very love had unleashed.The Devil She Knew by Evelyn VaughnWhen Marcy Bridges discovered a portal to hell in her closet, she needed help from the last person she wanted to callher gorgeous landlord. Could she trust her lifeand her heartto the care of a dark, dangerous stranger?

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