Twisted Tracks Lesley Horton

Twisted Tracks download cover ebookTitle: Twisted Tracks

Author:Lesley Horton

Genre: Fiction > Crime

The Sinopsys of Twisted Tracks

Prepare to face the horrors behind closed doors in the new Inspector Handford mystery.DCI John Handford and DI Khalid Ali are two of the most experienced – and best – investigators on the force. But nothing stays the same for ever, and promotion has split the team and put them on separate cases.Handford is tracking a young woman who vanished without trace, while Ali investigates the murder of a pensioner. But the stories of these two women, generations apart, look set to converge in gruesome fashion.As Handford and Ali’s paths cross once , they must investigate spurned lovers, feuding families, conmen and the ghosts of the past to unpick the motivations behind the rising body count before it’s too late…

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