To Be Continued Robert Silverberg

To Be Continued download cover ebookTitle: To Be Continued

Author:Robert Silverberg

Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

The Sinopsys of To Be Continued

The Collected Stories Volume 1: To Be Continued 1953 – 1958Winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards, Robert Silverberg is one of the all time greats of science fiction. A professional writer for than half a century, his short story output has been prolific and exceptional in quality.This series of nine volumes will collect all of the short stories and novella-length that SF Grand Master Silverberg wants to take their place on the permanent shelf.Each volume will be roughly 150,000-200,000 words, with classics and er known gems alike. The author has also graced us with a lengthy introduction and extensive story notes for each tale.Contents:Gorgon PlanetThe Road to NightfallContinuedAlareeThe Artifact BusinessCollecting TeamA Man of TalentOne Way JourneySunrise on MercuryWorld of a Thousand ColorsWarm ManBlaze of GloryWhy?The OutbreedersThe Man Who Never ForgotThere Was an Old WomanThe Iron ChancellorOzymandiasCounterpartDelivery Guaranteed

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