The Sweet Golden Parachute David Handler

The Sweet Golden Parachute download cover ebookTitle: The Sweet Golden Parachute

Author:David Handler

Genre: Fiction > Crime

The Sinopsys of The Sweet Golden Parachute

A storm is brewing in Dorset.Poochie Vickers, the local aristocrat, is becoming even eccentric in her old age. She’s taken up shoplifting and reck driving but refuses to see a doctor. Her worrisome daughter, Claudia, is angling to take over the family fortune, which makes some of the would-be beneficiaries uneasy. Two of Dorset’s biggest troublemakers are being released from prison. And the bad blood between these two families, rich on the one hand, swamp Yankee on the other, could come to a boiling point: Two young people from the families are dating, to no one’s delight but their own.Someone is bound to snap, and someone does, resulting in the brutal murder of a harm and home man who went about town collecting recyclables.While Des is trying to track down the murderer, she’s also trying to wrap her head around the idea of marrying Mitch. When so many things are going wrong, loving someone seems like a big risk.Handler’s fifth novel in this charming and edgy series displays his deftness in creating memorable, distinctive characters and for crafting uniquely entertaining mysteries.

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