The Other Girl Pam Jenoff

The Other Girl download cover ebookTitle: The Other Girl

Author:Pam Jenoff

Genre: Fiction > Literary Fiction

The Sinopsys of The Other Girl

One woman’s determination to protect a child from the dangers of war will force her to face those lurking closer to homeLife in rural Poland during WWII brings a new set of challenges to Maria, estranged from her own family and left alone with her in-laws after her husband is sent to the front. For a young, newly pregnant wife, the days are especially cold, the nights unexpectedly lonely. The discovery of a girl hiding in the barn changes everythingHannah is fleeing the German police who are taking Jews like her to special camps. Ignoring the risk to her own life and that of her unborn child, Maria is compelled to help. But in these dark days, no one can be trusted, and soon Maria finds her courage tested in ways she never expected and herself facing truths about her own family that the quiet village has kept buried for yearsFrom the international bestselling author of The Kommandant’s Girl comes a searing historical companion novella to >The Winter Guest

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