The Marriage Bed Judith Arnold

The Marriage Bed download cover ebookTitle: The Marriage Bed

Author:Judith Arnold

Genre: Romance > Harlequin BooksFiction > Romance

The Sinopsys of The Marriage Bed

“Joelle and BobbyI’m aware my visit might have been difficult for you.”Difficult? In fact, nothing would ever be the same again for Joelle Webber and Bobby DiFranco. They’d come a long way from their hardscrabble beginnings. They’d built careers, raised a wonderful daughter and two fine sons. Shaped a life rich with layers of trust and understanding, just like the carefully laid stones of the garden walls Bobby builds for his clients.And their life together would have remained solid if not for the unexpected intrusion of a former boyfriend of Joelle’s and the long-buried secret he unearths. Bobby and Joelle have leaned on each other through count crises, but now the very foundation of their marriage has crumbled. Can they put it back together one time?Can they once again find a haven in their marriage bedthe one place above all where a husband and wife should be honest and loving with each other?

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