The Manning Sisters Debbie Macomber

The Manning Sisters download cover ebookTitle: The Manning Sisters

Author:Debbie Macomber

Genre: Romance > Harlequin BooksFiction > Romance

The Sinopsys of The Manning Sisters

“The only woman who interests me is you.”Russ Palmer, rancherWhen Taylor Manning accepts a teaching job in Cougar Point, Montana, she discovers that life there is very different from life in Seattle. So are the men! She soon notices a handsome, opinionated, stubborn rancher named Russ Palmer, and he notices her. In fact, they than notice each other. After only a few months, Taylor’s certain of one thing. Despite their conflicting backgrounds, she’d love to be The Cowboy’s Lady.”I feel as if I’ve been waiting for you all my life.”Cody Franklin, sheriff of Custer CountyThe first day Christy Manning visits her sister, Taylor, she meets Sheriff Cody Franklin. To Christy’s shockand Cody’sthey’re immediately attracted to each other. Intensely attracted. There’s a problem, though. Christy’s engaged to someone else, someone back in Seattle. So what’s the solution? See what happens when The Sheriff Takes a Wife.

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