The Magician of 1919 Li Er

The Magician of 1919 download cover ebookTitle: The Magician of 1919

Author:Li Er

Genre: Fiction > Literary Fiction

The Sinopsys of The Magician of 1919

‘One of China’s most avant-garde authors has finally been translated into English’ – Time Out. ‘The Magician of 1919′ is an exciting introduction to the writing of acclaimed avant-garde Chinese author Li Er . In 1919, the year of the May 4th movement in China, magician Bigshot Cowrie arrives in Peking. He has with him a budgerigar, which is a language genius, a hat with a magical long queue and some pigeons. During his time in Peking, he encounters various figures, fictional and historical, and becomes involved in important events in modern Chinese history. In addition to the title story, ‘The Magician of 1919′ also includes a translation of Li Er’s dark study of cultural dislocation, ‘Christmas Eve’.’ The Magician of 1919′ is a book from Make-Do’s ‘Modern Chinese Masters’ imprint.

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