The Lucifer Light Michael Salazar

The Lucifer Light download cover ebookTitle: The Lucifer Light

Author:Michael Salazar

Genre: Fiction > Action & AdventureFiction > Thrillers

The Sinopsys of The Lucifer Light

Front-line, behind-the-scenes military adventure that will steal your breath and take you deep inside the world of the nation’s most lethal human weapons–from an Air Force Combat Crewmember who’s seen the light . . .Whether on a call to rescue or a call to arms, close to home or in the most inaccessible places on earth, the U.S. Special Forces elite pararescue teams are first on the scene, first to put their lives on the line. Along with his unit of ten, Air Force Master Sergeant Jason Johnson is licensed to kill but prefers to use his powers for good–until murder on the job makes it personal.A series of deadly events has made it terrifyingly clear that the nation–and its fiercest protectors–are in danger.A weapon of unmatched power is aimed at the United States and hidden thousands of feet beneath one of the most isolated spots on the planet. It must be destroyed at the source and it’s going to take a thermonuclear charge to do the job–hand-placed by the cream of U.S. covert forces, the suicide squad known as the Brotherhood of Death.Excelling in infiltration, intimidation, and assassination, armed with top-secret, high-tech gadgetry, these handpicked warriors are the last resort. Johnson knows their lethal drill all too well. He’s been there before and now he’s being called on again. But this time he wants the man behind the killing machine. And he’ll stop at nothing to get him, even if it makes this mission his last.From the Paperback edition.

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