The Garden Tour Affair Ann Ripley

The Garden Tour Affair download cover ebookTitle: The Garden Tour Affair

Author:Ann Ripley

Genre: Fiction > Crime

The Sinopsys of The Garden Tour Affair

Everything’s coming up corpses….Louise Eldridge is taking her popular television show, Gardening with Nature, on location to film a garden tour at the historic Litchfield Falls Inn. It’s a weekend in the country that promises rest, relaxation, and some of New England’s most beautiful gardens.But the local grapevine whispers of warring lovers, botanical scams, academic scandal, and family finagling. The tension is so thick you can hardly cut it with a scythe. And then the uneasy group of assembled guests begin to meet with the most unfortunate of accidents.Suddenly Louise suspects that someone is playing Grim Reaper in the Litchfield Falls paradise. How many guests–including one nosy garden show host–are about to be cut down?From the Paperback edition.

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