The Forest of Peldain Barrington J Bayley

The Forest of Peldain download cover ebookTitle: The Forest of Peldain

Author:Barrington J Bayley

Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

The Sinopsys of The Forest of Peldain

Life was not possible on that watery world except on the Hundred Islands. The Empire of Arelia ruled them all – all except one. Peldain was entirely covered with a forest so impenetrable and so deadly that all attempts to explore it were disastrous. Then a man came out of that jungle – a human – who told the Arelians that at the center of the island a secret kingdom flourished.There was nothing for it but to organise an expedition. However deadly the alien forest might be, if one man could get out, an army could get in. So Lord Vorduthe landed and began the assault on the great green enemy.Nobody could have foreseen the horrors with which the forest defended itself. Nobody could have foreseen the price that would be paid by Vorduthe’s men. And only Vorduthe himself would learn the incredible secret of the island…if his mind could stand it.

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