The Fire Demon Marcus Pletts

The Fire Demon download cover ebookTitle: The Fire Demon

Author:Marcus Pletts

Genre: Games

The Sinopsys of The Fire Demon

The Fire Demon is part one of a four-part epic game that takes you far across the countries of Chantire and Krill on a mission for which you have trained your whole life. But the mission is far mysterious and intriguing than you realize. Evil is everywhere, and a strange atmosphere prevails throughout the lands, a sense of being present at the borders of life and death, good and evil. The choices you make from the start will determine every outcome, as your mission hinges on every action. You must seek and kill the Fire Demon to save your world. Whichever of the six characters you assume, the safety of the world is on your shoulders. Be strong in mind and body, and you shall succeed. But fail, and Death Awaits You! For centuries, the Fire Demon has been inflicting its terror on your home town of Brinson Hage, in a world far away but similar to Earth’s medieval period. No one has successfully stood up to the Fire Demon, and anyone who has entered its lair has not returned to tell the tale. You have come home after many years to enter the Fire Demon’s dungeon and rid the world of its evil forever! Your adventure will take you deep into Chantire Mountain along a maze of passages and corridors in search of the Fire Demon.

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