The Fair Amazon Janis Susan May

The Fair Amazon download cover ebookTitle: The Fair Amazon

Author:Janis Susan May

Genre: Romance > Regency

The Sinopsys of The Fair Amazon

Georgina Montcalm has lost her father and her brother, but the final blow comes when Sir Trevor Longchamps, for whom she has waited during the long years of his Peninsular service, says he loves another. Trying to forget her sorrows, Georgina goes riding and, during an ill-omened red fog, saves young Mr. Garrick Courtland and his friend from a highwayman. A romantic, Mr. Courtland immediately falls in love with Georgina, a situation which does not sit well with his social-climbing sister. Lady Barnstaple, Georgina’s godmother and Sir Trevor’s aunt, hears of the incident and realizes she has been neglectful of the girl. Georgina is bidden to London and Lady Barnstaple makes plans to marry her off. Garrick is all too willing, but he is too young. Thomas, the long-lost heir to Georgina’s home, arrives from America and is smitten by his cousin. As suitors swarm around Georgina, Sir Trevor begins to realize that Diana Wintersea, his new love, is not so enchanting as he once thought, with a certain worldliness and coarseness about her that no debutante should have. In actuality, Diana is little than a respectably born adventuress, come to London to marry a rich man. Her beauty has taken her to the higher reaches of the Ton, but her dream of marrying a duke or an earl is just that – a dream. Sir Trevor, she decides, will have to do, especially as a skirter named Felix Charbonneau is pressing her for money she does not have to settle her gambling debts. Desperate, Diana sets about to bring Sir Trevor up to scratch just as he begins to think he has made a mistake. Lady Barnstaple is determined that Sir Trevor shall not marry Diana, but she has also decided that he is too weak to handle Georgina. She decides Thomas the American cousin is a perfect match for her goddaughter and proceeds to matchmake relently, forgetting that Georgina is a strongminded young woman who is than capable of settling her own life her own way.

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