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The De Vany Diet download cover ebookTitle: The De Vany Diet

Author:Arthur De Vany

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The Sinopsys of The De Vany Diet

The simple way to lose weight, look younger and feel healthier – without restricting calories or excessive exercisingThe De Vany Diet is Professor Arthur De Vany’s astonishing lifestyle programme. Based on his decades-long study of weight, diet and health, it looks to our ancestors’ lifestyle of eating a lot and moving a little.With fascinating insight and research, De Vany overturns our current guilt-ridden approach to diet and exercise, proving that we can lose pounds, look younger, beat diabetes and prevent heart disease simply by living on meat, fruit and vegetables, and embarking on only brief, intense periods of exercise. He then offers a clear plan, complete with menu ideas and exercise suggestions, so that you too can:·Shed pounds in a matter of weeks·Say goodbye to end exercise·Feel energized·Give up command-and-control diets for good·Look younger and prevent premature ageing·Increase your sex drive·Achieve optimum healthPreviously published as The New Evolution Diet.

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