The Cube People Christian McPherson

The Cube People download cover ebookTitle: The Cube People

Author:Christian McPherson

Genre: Fiction > Literary Fiction

The Sinopsys of The Cube People

Christian McPherson’s debut novel The Cube People pokes fun at government cubicle culture through the life and times of a struggling computer programmer/novelist wannabe. McPherson surrounds his protagonist, Colin MacDonald, with a cast of screwball characters while he toils away at his government job, struggles with fertility and dreams of becoming a published writer. Recycled air, bad lighting and bizarre environmental office policies by day- scheduled love-making sessions and rejection letters by night, push MacDonald to try to write his way out of his cyclical life story. Part tragedy, part comedywith a bit of horror thrown in for funMcPherson cooks up a boiling plot and a memorable anti-hero.

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