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The 3…Qd8 Scandinavian download cover ebookTitle: The 3…Qd8 Scandinavian

Author:Dan Lowinger

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The Sinopsys of The 3…Qd8 Scandinavian

What’s Old Is New – and Surprisingly Strong!The world’s oldest opening variation, 3…Qd8 in the Scandinavian Defense, has resurfaced in the last decade to give players at all levels a winning edge. Whether you prefer a sharp tactical game or slower positional maneuvering, the 3…Qd8 Scandinavian provides a genuine alternative for club players and grandmasters seeking to play for a win from the outset.Elite players such as Michael Adams, Josif Dorfman, Kiril Georgiev and Julian Hodgson, among others, have successfully raised the banner of the 3…Qd8 Scandinavian. As the author demonstrates, this variation’s doubtful reputation is undeserved. It is completely playable – and easy to learn! 3…Qd8 is not the ugly duckling sibling of 3…Qa5 and 3…Qd6 – it is a superb alternative.“Dan’s a strong player, but he’s an even stronger teacher. The book sparkles with practical insight, lucidly explained.” International Grandmaster Zviad IzoriaAbout the AuthorAmerican master Dan Lowinger is an active player, coach and teacher. Scholastic Director of the Chess Club of Fairfield County, he lives with his wife in Norwalk, Connecticut. This is his first chess book.Excerpts, including the Table of Contents and the Foreword, of most Russell Enterprises books are available at

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