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Sports Spread Betting download cover ebookTitle: Sports Spread Betting

Author:Daniel Townend

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The Sinopsys of Sports Spread Betting

The definitive and up-to-date guide to sports spread bettingDaniel Townend has interviewed many spread betting insiders in the spread betting firms, sports journalists and successful punters to compile this definitive and up-to-date guide to all aspects of Sports Spread Betting. The book includes chapters on the major individual sports, details of all the different markets offered and the differences between the spread betting firms.The book has sections on:1) The philosophy of a spread bettor2) Lies, damned lies and statistics…but how the spread firms swear by them.3) What moves the market…what traders are thinking when they are setting markets4) Money-management – know what your losses could be5) In-running betting6) Football – Why despite being the national obsession, football is the hardest sport to win on7) Cricket and how it is the perfect spread bet sport8) Rugby – The elite teams and inside comment from Ian Robertson9) Golf – The majors vs. the run of the mill competitions.10) American Football, Motor Racing & Greyhound Racing11) Politics – The intrigue of insider information from the halls of Westminster with inside comment from Peter Kellner.

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