Sony Alpha DSLR A100 A Better Manual Ken Milburn

Sony Alpha DSLR A100 A Better Manual download cover ebookTitle: Sony Alpha DSLR A100 A Better Manual

Author:Ken Milburn

Genre: Computers > Multimedia

The Sinopsys of Sony Alpha DSLR A100 A Better Manual

This unique manual is better than the manual that comes with yourcamera in several important ways:It’s organized according to efficient workflow, so you can get the most outof your Sony A100 quickly and with the least amount of bother.You can find what you’re looking for interactively: by using the interactiveTable of Contents, choosing one of the questions in the Quick Answerssection, or by following any of the convenient links we’ve placed throughoutthe document.It’s not a book (un you want it to be). It’s a PDF that you can read onyour computer or on a PDA that fits into your camera bag. It is laid out onan 8.5 x 11-inch “page” so if you want to print, you won’t have to wastepaper or spend time configuring your printer.Because it’s a PDF, you can find subjects you’re looking for by searchingelectronically. Typing Cmd/Ctrl-F brings up the familiar search dialog. So allyou have to do to jump straight to all the references to a particular part orfeature is to enter its name. (No reliance on a mindreading indexer.)The PDF is photographically illustrated so you can see exactly whichcombination of buttons, knobs, wheels, and menu choices will help youmake the magic you are hoping for.In addition to teaching technically correct procedures, this documentoffers valuable hints for taking photographs in some of the toughestsituations.

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