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Sarahs Last Secret download cover ebookTitle: Sarahs Last Secret

Author:Jack Trammell

Genre: Fiction > Genre FictionFiction > RomanceRomance

The Sinopsys of Sarahs Last Secret

Jack and Sarah are essentially opposites: Jack wears his heart on his sleeve, and Sarah is a person who never reveals her secrets- Jack is dependable and predictable, while Sarah’s waters run deep and murky. Everyone around them is convinced they are wrong for one another, but Sarah and Jack defy the world and embark on marriage. To the surprise of everyone, it seems to be working fine. But life is filled with unexpected trauma, and the periodic discovery of terrible flaws in those we care so deeply about. It isn’t long before Jack finds out that there is to Sarah than anyone knows. One secret in particular turns their relationship upside down, and propels Jack on a journey that threatens the destruction of his marriage, the loss of a coming baby, and possibly even the end of his own life. Jack isn’t ready for Sarah’s Last Secret.

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