Roundabout Rhiannon Lassiter

Roundabout download cover ebookTitle: Roundabout

Author:Rhiannon Lassiter

Genre: Children’s & Young Adult Fiction

The Sinopsys of Roundabout

Magda, Tess and Seb should never have met. Beautiful Romany Magda is a traveller – she lives just outside town on an old caravan site. Tess is her fiery best friend. And Seb is the son of a rich businessman – he lives in a big house in the city. But as Magda and Seb are drawn to each other, meeting in hidden places, breaking unspoken boundaries, their lives – and those of the people close to them – set off down unexpected paths, especially when jealous Tess discovers Seb’s secret. What will Magda do when she finds out just who is responsible for trying to get the travellers turfed off the land they have inhabited for so long? The decisions all the teenagers make now will have far wider-reaching effects than they could ever have imagined . . .

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