Reasons to Be Happy Katrina Kittle

Reasons to Be Happy download cover ebookTitle: Reasons to Be Happy

Author:Katrina Kittle

Genre: Children’s & Young Adult Fiction

The Sinopsys of Reasons to Be Happy

“Gripping! I was instantly swept away by Hannah’s struggles and greatly inspired by her journey. This is a powerful book, and I recommend it for anyone who has ever worried about how to fit in.”-Kristina McBride, author of The Tension of OppositesREASONS TO BE HAPPY21. Cat purr vibrating through your skin22. Jumping on a trampoline in the rain23. Raw cookie dough24. Getting yourself all freaked out after a scary movie25. Dancing like an idiot when no one is watchingWhat happened to the girl who wrote those things? I miss that girl. She used to be bold and fun. Now she’s a big chicken loser.How could so much change so fast?Let’s see, you could be the plain Jane daughter of two gorgeous famous people, move to a new school, have no real friends, and your mom could get sick, and, oh yeah, you could have the most embarrassing secret in the world.Yep, that about does it.So, the real question is, how do I get that girl back?Praise for The Bings of the Animals:”With subtle yet shimmering insight, Kittle explores the resilience of human nature.”-BooklistPraise for The Kindness of Strangers:”Kittle crafts a disturbing but compelling story…gripping read.”-Publishers Weekly

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