Quipu Damien Broderick

Quipu download cover ebookTitle: Quipu

Author:Damien Broderick

Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

The Sinopsys of Quipu

Caroline is about to go psychotic – and with her family, no surprise. Joseph can’t talk to women even if he is a certified high IQ clever dick trying to take snapshots of the end of the universe. Ray and Marj have their own hassles with in-laws, but student terrorists get in the way. Meanwhile Brian, misogynist and wit, appalls everyone in the quipu world. Quipus? They’re the scandalous fanzines that hikes traded before blogs were invented. Hikes? High IQ clever dicks, of course. In QUIPU (appearing for the first time as an E-Reads publication), Australian writer Damien Broderick reimagines his prize-winning 1984 novel TRANSMITTERS as the surprising saga of a “family” of genius-level one-of-a-kind individuals.

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