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Poker Winners Are Different download cover ebookTitle: Poker Winners Are Different

Author:Alan N Schoonmaker

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The Sinopsys of Poker Winners Are Different

What Makes Winners Win? Every serious poker player knows there’s a big difference between playing well and winning: Winners successfully master specific attitudes and habits.What Do I Need To Win?It’s right in your hands. Poker guru Dr. Alan N. Schoonmaker explains the key skills that enable winners to bring in the money. With his expert guidance you can master them, too. You’ll learn to:• Manage risk and information• Develop better discipline• Improve your decision-making processes• Focus on the right issues• Choose the information you give others• Control your reactions to feelings• Act decisivelyBy mastering the behaviors and skills that Schoonmaker teaches, you’ll be able to play confidently–and win often.Alan N. Schoonmaker, Ph.D, is the author of Your Worst Poker Enemy, Your Best Poker Friend, and the top-selling The Psychology of Poker- he is also a columnist for Card Player magazine. He received his Ph.D. in psychology from UC Berkeley, and has conducted research and taught at UCLA, Carnegie-Mellon, and Belguim’s Catholic University of Louvain. He lives in Las Vegas.

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