Paper Alice Charlotte Calder

Paper Alice download cover ebookTitle: Paper Alice

Author:Charlotte Calder

Genre: Children’s & Young Adult Fiction

The Sinopsys of Paper Alice

“It was in the Metro section of the Saturday paper – one of those ‘what people are wearing in the street’-type segments, featuring a photo of the person and a paragraph underneath describing what she (it was always a girl) had chosen to put on that day. There I was, Alice Macbean, looking like the typical uni student. Fair hair springing around my face, sunnies stretched across wide cheekbones, smiling my having-a-good time smile for the camera.Except it wasn’t me.”Alice thinks she’s got it pretty good. Other than her first year at uni being a bit stressful, her boyfriend Dunc being a bit difficult, and her best friend Milly being a bit impulsive, she can’t complain.But when an unfamiliar picture of herself appears in the paper, everything starts to change. Soon, Alice is under a spotlight mistaken for the strangely named Wilda. Every time she tries to set the record straight, she gets sidetracked – especially when the charming and funny Andy is around.Just who and where is the mysterious Wilda? But, importantly, if she finds her doppelgänger, will Alice learn a lot about herself than she is willing to know?

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