Once Again a Princess Jane Bierce

Once Again a Princess download cover ebookTitle: Once Again a Princess

Author:Jane Bierce

Genre: Romance

The Sinopsys of Once Again a Princess

ONCE AGAIN A PRINCESS is a modern fairy tale with its roots in the recent de-centralization of Eastern Europe. Jo, a princess in exile, is comfortable in blue jeans tramping through a jungle than in a business suit addressing politicians, but when the call to assume her rightful place comes, she doesn’t hesitate.Max, a former mercenary soldier and now head of security, sees himself as the general of the tiny country’s new army. He and Jo’s other advisors, who have all had their plans laid for this event for years, soon learn Jo has no intention of being the pretty figurehead they expect.As she rises to the challenge of modernizing her repressed nation, Jo learns to compromise with Max’s security measures, and Max begins to respect and admire the woman he protects.Their constant proximity leads to mutual attraction, but a major obstacle looms over their growing love: Max is not of noble lineage.

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