Mail-Order Monster Linda Joy Singleton

Mail-Order Monster download cover ebookTitle: Mail-Order Monster

Author:Linda Joy Singleton

Genre: Children’s & Young Adult Fiction

The Sinopsys of Mail-Order Monster

There are three rules to follow when place a mail-order:#1. Never sign your name in blood-red ink#2. Never fail to read the small print.#3. Never EVER order from a company of monsters.But Skye Jones is SO eager for a special friend, she ignores the rules and mail-orders a monstrous friend named Hobbi. When Hobbi” braids twirl and her colored fingernails flash, WATCH OUT!Flying unicorns spring alive, paper airplanes declare war, and jump ropes slither into snakes. Hobbi turns Skye’s life from deadly into dangerous. Can a human and a fiend become friends? Or will Sky find a way to break the magical contract that binds Hobbi to her forever?

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