Living Next Door to Alice Marisa Mackle

Living Next Door to Alice download cover ebookTitle: Living Next Door to Alice

Author:Marisa Mackle

Genre: Fiction > RomanceRomance

The Sinopsys of Living Next Door to Alice

Tired? Grumpy? Feeling insecure? Then what you really need to feel better about yourself is… a supermodel coming to live next door.Tanya knows that in life there will be depressingly beautiful super-beings crawling around somewhere. But why do they have to become her neighbour? The problem is, stunning newcomer Alice (very famous in Japan) seems to have taken firmly against Tanya. Which means that when Tanya gets her first assignment in her dream job as a stylist, she’s horrified to be working with Alice. But not as horrified as she would be if she knew what Alice really had in store for her…

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