Let Them Eat Cake Kathy Pratt

Let Them Eat Cake download cover ebookTitle: Let Them Eat Cake

Author:Kathy Pratt

Genre: Romance > Time Travel

The Sinopsys of Let Them Eat Cake

Anna Mulligan’s first trip to France is supposed to give her a chance to research her genealogy. Instead, it turns into an opportunity for romance and adventure both in present day and in 18th century France. She is transported back in time by a mysterious fog surrounding the Hameau de la Reine at Versailles. She discovers the name of her ancestor when the inhabitants of the hamlet, including Queen Marie-Antoinette and Geoffroi Andrieux, mistake her for that ancestor. Here she finds love with Geoffroi Andrieux, the ancestor of Dr. Jeff Andrews–the present day doctor she’s loved from afar. Could Geoffroi be Jeff?

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