Keighley At War Ian Dewhirst

Keighley At War download cover ebookTitle: Keighley At War

Author:Ian Dewhirst

Genre: History

The Sinopsys of Keighley At War

In “Keighley at War”, Ian Dewhirst vividly describes life in a West Riding industrial town during the Second World War. It includes subjects, such as morale-boosting and fund-raising organisations, the Home Guard and regular forces billeted in the area, wartime industries, evacuees and the minutiae of everyday living conditions. Although not bombed, Keighley had its air-raid warnings, fears of enemy infiltrators and nearby aircraft crashes. The author has used a wide range of sources, including police records, school logbooks, diaries and letters, to reveal much that was not made public during the war. He also describes the wide range of cultural events that took place throughout the war years, despite the difficult conditions. With its wealth of illustrations Keighley at War will bring back memories for some and be an eye-opener for anyone who lives near this Yorkshire town.

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