In Big Trouble Laura Lippman

In Big Trouble download cover ebookTitle: In Big Trouble

Author:Laura Lippman

Genre: Fiction > Crime

The Sinopsys of In Big Trouble

Join the world of New York Times bestselling author Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan in the Shamus and Anthony Award-winning fourth book in the acclaimed seriesIn Big TroubleTess Monaghan has learned the hard way how to survive on the streets of Balti—first as a fear investigative reporter and lately as a PI. But a new case is about to take her way out of her element.What begins with a tantalizing shard of a newspaper headline—”In Big Trouble”—above a photograph of an old boyfriend will end far away in another world, where people dress and talk differently . . . and rich people’s games can have lethal consequences. Here where the sun is merci—and curiosity can kill faster than a rattler’s bite—Tess is going to have to confront her past and, hopefully, live to tell about it. For the answers she seeks about a man she thought she knew may be somehow linked to a murderer who two-steps to a very deadly drummer.

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