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How Not to Get Old download cover ebookTitle: How Not to Get Old

Author:Karen Dol

Genre: Health & Fitness > Beauty & Grooming

The Sinopsys of How Not to Get Old

At last! The book that gives you all the facts about how to defy the signs of ageing.Are you worried about the way a particular part of your body is ageing? Would you like to prevent the appearance of wrinkles? Get your flat, pre-kids tummy back? Have whiter teeth but are unsure about which procedure to choose? Presented by Anna Richardson, How Not to Get Old is the new Channel 4 programme that will tell you everything you need to know about, well, how not to get old.This beautifully designed book will be published to coincide with the first series of the show and will look at all the anti-ageing treatments available, helping you to make an informed choice about how you might want to improve the appearance of a part of your body as it ages. For example, if you are unhappy with how your bust is looking, should you be considering bust-lifting creams or surgery – or would specific exercises be enough?As well as taking a complete look at all of the procedures and treatments available, How Not to Get Old will be packed with vital information such as expert advice on what you should know before you go ahead with a procedure, pioneering techniques that are being developed around the world and whether the expensive products on the market are actually any effective than the high-street brands.You won’t want to grow old without it!

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