Hawaiian Hellground Don Pendleton

Hawaiian Hellground download cover ebookTitle: Hawaiian Hellground

Author:Don Pendleton

Genre: Fiction > CrimeFiction > Action & AdventureFiction > Thrillers

The Sinopsys of Hawaiian Hellground

In beautiful Hawaii, the Executioner opens a volcanic war in the PacificMack Bolan stands at the lip of Puowaina, the Hawaiian war cemetery, and pays tribute to the friends he lost in Vietnam. Since he left the jungle, this crack sniper has been fighting a different war—an end battle against organized crime that he knows will someday end in his death. He is in Hawaii on a mission, and that mission is murder.He starts by firing a series of sniper rounds into the palatial apartment of the Hawaiian heroin king. As Bolan watches the local mob try to pick up the pieces, he begins hearing rumors of another capo: the mysterious King Fire. There is a conspiracy lurking beneath the surface of this beautiful chain of islands—a fiendish plot that stretches to the farthest reaches of the Pacific.

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