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GI — 6. Jahrestagung download cover ebookTitle: GI — 6. Jahrestagung

Author:E J Neuhold

Genre: Computers > Information Technology

The Sinopsys of GI — 6. Jahrestagung

The 6th annual congress of the Gesellschaft fUr Informatik was intended – to convey the current state of the art in various areas of Computer Science- a number of well-known experts were invited for that purpose, – to publish original scientific papers from all fields of Computer SCience, and – to inform about ongoing projects, (partial-) results, special activities e.t.c. The members of the Program Committee E.J. Neuhold (Chairman), Stuttgart A. Blaser, Heidelberg R. Dierstein, Oberpfaffenhofen A. Endres, Sindelfingen L. Hieber, Stuttgart H. Maurer, Karlsruhe H.H. Nagel, Hamburg H.J. Schneider, Erlangen N. Szyperski, Koln E. Voge, Wolfsburg with the extremely valuable help of the referees listed below have tried to select from the many papers submitted to the conference those which contain the most interesting and important results. Special emphasis was to he given to the papers on de­ velopment experience and use of application systems. Unfor­ tunately in these areas only very few papers have been submitted and as a consequence the longe range goal of the Gesellschaft fUr Informatik to attract application oriented persons has not been achieved.

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