Downrigger Drift James Axler

Downrigger Drift download cover ebookTitle: Downrigger Drift

Author:James Axler

Genre: Romance > Harlequin BooksFiction > Action & Adventure

The Sinopsys of Downrigger Drift

The nuclear cataclysm that maimed America altered the rules of existence. The new reality guarantees a grim battle for survival, but the higher human instinct to exist in peace and good will lives on. Legends endure and Ryan Cawdor is a warrior of his time. When the good fight needs to be won, Ryan and his band take a stand.In the nuke-altered region of the Great Lakes, Ryan and his group face the spectrumfrom the idyllic to the horrificof a world reborn. Close to enclaves of peace and sanctuary, Deathlands’ most distorted spawn of humanity, cannibals, spread terror. Against the battered shoreline of Lake Michigan, an encounter with an old friend leads to a battle to save Milwaukee from a force of deadly mutant interlopersand to liberate one of their own.

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