Death of an Orchid Lover Nathan Walpow

Death of an Orchid Lover download cover ebookTitle: Death of an Orchid Lover

Author:Nathan Walpow

Genre: Fiction > Crime

The Sinopsys of Death of an Orchid Lover

Nature. Nurture. Murder.L.A. actor Joe Portugal just wants to keep the mealybugs off his cacti, give a little boost to his love life, and maybe make a few commercials along the way. And with a small acting role nailed down, Joe has every reason to mind his own business. But he doesn’t. That’s because a man who loved orchids has been found dead. And so has a woman who asked for Joe’s help.Never one to walk away from a challenge, Joe is plunging into a world unlike any he’s seen before–the frenetic, highly competitive world of the orchid enthusiast. And suddenly Joe Portugal–actor, cactus lover, reluctant sleuth–is discovering that solving murder cases among the flora, fauna, and fanatics who thrive in L.A. isn’t just a hobby, it’s his true calling…especially since a killer has already come calling on him….Includes The Joe Portugal Guide to Orchids.From the Paperback edition.

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