Deadly Command Don Pendleton

Deadly Command download cover ebookTitle: Deadly Command

Author:Don Pendleton

Genre: Romance > Harlequin BooksFiction > Action & Adventure

The Sinopsys of Deadly Command

Military-grade guns are finding their way onto American streets, turning neighborhoods into war zones. And, after three officers and two civilians are killed in the crossfire of a Miami gang standoff, it’s time for someone to strike back. Yet with little concrete proof to use against those supplying the illegal weapons, the police are help. Fortunately for them Mack Bolan doesn’t need evidence. It’s old-fashioned justice he’s after.Going solo on his mission, Bolan soon discovers Miami is just the beginning. An arms dealer has set up operations in New York, Chicago and New Mexico. But this supplier isn’t the only one wanting a slice of the American gun pie. Another ruth group is ready to step in and will take out anyone who gets in their wayun the Executioner can take them down first.

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