Darwins Wink Alison Anderson

Darwins Wink download cover ebookTitle: Darwins Wink

Author:Alison Anderson

Genre: Fiction > Literary Fiction

The Sinopsys of Darwins Wink

“A love story, a war story, an ecological adventure, a biological poem, and a treatise on the fragility of life–Darwin’s Wink has it all. The writing is so incantory that it almost floats off the page. In Fran, Alison Anderson has created a strong, flawed, and utterly believable heroine…. Like the elusive, bejeweled mourning bird it celebrates, this book will waken its readers to unexpected wonders. A beautiful book. I loved it.”- Molly Giles, author of Iron ShoesThe author of the critically acclaimed Amelia Earhart novel Hidden Latitudes offers a beautifully crafted story about two naturalists, both damaged by ghosts from the past, who find love as they work to save a rare bird species off the coast of Mauritius–and fend off a powerful townsman who is threatened by their presence.

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