Dark Corridors H H Charles

Dark Corridors download cover ebookTitle: Dark Corridors

Author:H H Charles

Genre: Fiction > Thrillers

The Sinopsys of Dark Corridors

An intrepid minority shareholder, Chase Michaels, undertakes a heroic campaign to protect fellow minority shareholders as well as the public from two national wire service companies that have adopted a merger plan to exploit a predicted trillion dollar venture in advanced technologies. He finds himself trapped in a labyrinth created by official Washington’s dark corridors of lies, loss, lust, and murder. The corporate megamerger parties know they have an insurmountable advantage navigating these corridors, owing to the endemic indifference of official Washington to corrupt forces borne of addiction to power and money. When Michaels discovers the plan to cut out minority shareholders, he begins a journey that will cost him dearly and put his life and that of a beautiful woman’s in jeopardy. Dark Corridors is just business as usual in Washington.

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