Computational Modeling for Anthropometry Zahra Hojjati Zidashti

Computational Modeling for Anthropometry download cover ebookTitle: Computational Modeling for Anthropometry

Author:Zahra Hojjati Zidashti

Genre: ComputersMathematics

The Sinopsys of Computational Modeling for Anthropometry

This book provides a broad understanding of the main computational techniques used for anthropometric data, focusing specifically on data for female athletes. A number of data analysis techniques are introduced along with the application of such in a sports setting. These techniques will have potential for application in several disciplines that cover orthopedic injury. Chapters range from new methods to novel applications of existing methods to give readers a better understanding of the topic.The book’s authors also performed the technology and high speed detector equipment to determine correct operational procedures to avoid hazard to human health. The authors believe the information in the book will help to reduce the risk of sports activities.The book also includes the latest coverage of sports databases and the development of new computational methods and efficient algorithms for sports and engineering software.

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