Closely Knit In Scarlatt Ardath Mayhar

Closely Knit In Scarlatt download cover ebookTitle: Closely Knit In Scarlatt

Author:Ardath Mayhar

Genre: Fiction > Crime

The Sinopsys of Closely Knit In Scarlatt

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE FROM AN AWARD WINNING AUTHORHere is a unique new novel of romantic suspense from the Balrog and Mark Twain award writer. When the Mafia decides to kidnap Benjamin Scarlatt, a retired British spy, they hire the services of the world’s most reclusive assassin to slip him the needle and drug him into unconsciousness. Known only by the code name “the “Knitting Lady,” this accomplished killer, whose identity has never been discovered, has pulled off some of the most audacious assassins of modern time. However, the Mafia doesn’t know two important things about the Knitting Lady. The first is that the Knitting Lady is no code name, it’s an accurate description! The dread assassin really is a little old lady who sits quietly in corners and knits! The second is that she has a code of ethics! Soon the Knitting Lady, AKA Olive Shaughnessy, has resolved to betray the Mafia and secretly protect her intended target. But as the two are thrown together on board a passenger ship, the Knitting Lady finds herself falling under the spell of Benjamin Scarlatt, and begins to suspect her affections are returned. Is romance possible in the December of life for a woman whose hands are stained with bloos? And, with the Mafia closing in, will that life last much longer? Or, can the Knitting Lady live up to her reputations and discover a way to unknit the deadly pattern of intrigue in which they are emeshed and weave one that is closer to heart’sdesire.

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