Claires Obsession T L Davidson

Claires Obsession download cover ebookTitle: Claires Obsession

Author:T L Davidson

Genre: Fiction > RomanceRomance

The Sinopsys of Claires Obsession

AN ENTHRALLING SAGA OF ROMANCE, REINCARNATION, AND SPELLBINDING SUSPENSE!In the year 1799 in Cornwall, England at Cardon Hall, people were involved in a deadly web of romance, jealousy, intrigue and murder. Almost two centuries later the four are reborn and fated to face the same situation and either make the same tragic mistakes or rise above them. The four are Lance Stevens, Kenn Michael Harrison, James Brandon and Claire Deveraux. In 1974, when she is 17, Claire and Lance met and fell in love. But, Claire was frightened by the intensity of their attraction to each other and Lance’s proposal of marriage. When her mother died, Claire was grateful for the chance to attend the funeral in Toronto and have time to sort out her feelings. Back among her family, Clair is very happy staying with her sister Liana and her husband Peter. But, her bitchy, jealous sister, Helena, uses every chance she gets to be cruel to Claire. Soon, Claire realizes she wants to be with Lance some day, but only when the time is right. But, disturbingly, she begins to experience nightmares of an ancient murder associated with her past life with Lance. Then, after an attack or appendicitis, Claire encounters Dr. James Brandon, who saves her life. Yet, Claire can’t understand the immediate distaste she feels towards him. And she is even disturbed by the nightmares of that past life the meeting triggers. Claire attempts to focus on her future with Lance, and put Dr. Brandon out of her mind. What Claire doesn’t realize is that the doctor is a man with a secret and dangerous past who has become obsessed by her. His obsession with Clair is so strong he is determined to stop at nothing to possess her. Not even rape or murder! Cover: T. L. Davison.

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