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Charles Musès - In Memoriam download cover ebookTitle: Charles Musès – In Memoriam

Author:Brian H Rudall

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The Sinopsys of Charles Musès – In Memoriam

Special issue dedicated to the life of Dr Charles Muse`sThis double issue of Kybernetes has been compiled in memoriam. It is adedication to Dr Charles Muse`s, who, as readers will know, has been closelyassociated with this journal in a number of editorial capacities since itsfoundation thirty years ago.His published books and contributions to this and to many other prestigiouspublications worldwide provided an inspiration especially to the systems andcybernetics community. We were honoured to have had the privilege ofpublishing some of his life’s work, and take this opportunity to re-publishmany of his most exciting and original thoughts in the interdisciplinary studiesthat fascinated him so much. Unlike so many contemporary cyberneticians hewas essentially a mathematician and with a background in academia thatenabled him to apply his versatile intellect to a wide range of transdisciplinarystudies. The bibliography included in this memorial issue reflect his wide andvaried interests and the unique contributions that he was able to make duringhis lifetime.This journal is the official publication of the World Organisation of Systemsand Cybernetics (WOSC) and Charles Muse`s was the organisation’s Director ofResearch. In consequence, he provided enormous support to those of us whowere engaged in developing the research role of WOSC’s Norbert WienerInstitute. His friendly advice was always much appreciated as was hisencouragement to those who were engaged in research and the planning oftheir projects. In particular, many new authors and fledgling researchers weregrateful for his wise and unique counsel which invariably led to a continuousand lasting dialogue.It is, of course, an impossible task to produce a dedication that would do fulljustice to both Charles Muse`s and his prodigious contributions not only to thefields of interest to this journal but also to the world at large and in which thepower of his intellectualism was so ably demonstrated.We believe that this memorial double issue will provide a worthy celebrationof his life’s work for those who knew him and also for those who willundoubtedly find inspiration and encouragement for their own endeavours.John RoseFounding EditorBrian H. RudallEditor-in-ChiefPreviously published in: The International Journal of Systems & Cybernetics, Volume 31, Number 7/8, 2002

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