Built in a Day Steven Rinehart

Built in a Day download cover ebookTitle: Built in a Day

Author:Steven Rinehart

Genre: Fiction > Literary Fiction

The Sinopsys of Built in a Day

Acclaimed author of the story collection Kick in the Head Steven Rinehart’s debut novel is filled to the brim with his characteristic wry humor, unflinching truth, and raw emotional power.Built in a Day is the story of an over-educated underachiever whose oath to clean up his act is put to the ultimate test when the world around him crumbles into a state of disrepair. Left in charge of his late wife’s son and a sultry 15-year-old pregnant orphan named Jule, 32-year-old Andrew Bergman has to find the will and strength to rise to the absurd challenge of becoming a stepfather and -grandfather in the course of a few short months. Darkly hysterical and deeply stirring, Built in a Day is an affecting examination of love, responsibility, and the resilience it takes to pick up the pieces.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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