Building Wealth in China Zhu Ling

Building Wealth in China download cover ebookTitle: Building Wealth in China

Author:Zhu Ling

Genre: Business

The Sinopsys of Building Wealth in China

See how thirty-six of China’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs are creating the global economy of tomorrow. In these pages you’ll learn valuable ons from remarkable business leaders, such as:• Zhang Yin, chairwoman of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited, who trans- formed wastepaper into a personal fortune estimated at $3.4 billion• Lu Guanqiu, who turned a small farm-machinery workshop into China’s largest auto-parts manufacturer, with sales of $7 billion• Yan Zhaoqiang, who saw opportunity in the global energy crisis and positioned his company, TCP, to become one of the world’s major manufacturers of energy-efficient lightbulbs, with control of 70 percent of the U.S. market• Song Zhenghuan, a former math teacher who founded a company that is now the largest supplier of baby strollers in China­­Their stories offer inspiration to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and capture the spirit of innovation and diligence that is the hallmark of the emerging economy of China today.

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