Battle Lines Andy McNab

Battle Lines download cover ebookTitle: Battle Lines

Author:Andy McNab

Genre: Fiction > Action & AdventureFiction > ThrillersFiction > Suspense

The Sinopsys of Battle Lines

The casualties of war aren’t only on the battlefield…Coming back from war is never easy, as Sergeant Dave Henley’s platoon discovers all too quickly when they return from Afghanistan. Home can be an equally searing battlefield.When they are summoned back to Helmand to protect the US team destroying the opium crop, it is almost a relief to the soldiers, if not to their wives, girlfriends and families who are turned inside out once by their men’s sudden departure.And now danger lurks around every corner – for Dave’s team who must learn new skills to survive, and their loved ones in England, whose lives be ripped apart by equally deadly weapons – blind prejudice, acid jealousy, ugly rumour…

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