Based on a True Story Elizabeth Renzetti

Based on a True Story download cover ebookTitle: Based on a True Story

Author:Elizabeth Renzetti

Genre: Fiction > Literary Fiction

The Sinopsys of Based on a True Story

It might not have happened precisely that way…Fresh out of rehab, badly behaved diva Augusta Price has one last chance to turn her life around. Her memoir, Based on a True Story, has become an unlikely hit, and she’s going to use that fame to start afresh. But Augusta is her own worst enemy.Augusta discovers that her former lover is planning a tell-all book of his own. Enraged – and concerned that perhaps her version of events may not have been the most accurate – Augusta decides to ensure that her story is the only one that will see the light of day.Aided and abetted by Frances, her newly employed ghostwriter, Augusta finds her way back to California, and to her lost love. It’s time to face up to her past: something that will be the making – or breaking – of Augusta Price.Hilarious, honest, and unforgettable, Augusta will find her way into your heart – and steal it, and all your vodka.

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