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Backache download cover ebookTitle: Backache

Author:Dava Sobel

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The Sinopsys of Backache

What is the most powerful backache treatment ever developed to help prevent recurring back pain and restore you to a healthy, pain-free life?The answer is exercise.Exercise has:Helped bachache sufferes than drugs, surgery, or any other treatment–without dangerous side effectsBeen widely prescribed by medical doctors and other health practitioners.Been rated the best source of relief by backache sufferers themselvesBeen uniformly supported by current medical researchEach exercise is explained in words and diagrams so that even a beginner can put together an individualized exercise program that works. Included are:Exercises to relieve acute and chronic plain, plus preventative measuresSelf evaluation checklistsInstructions for increasing activity levelsTips on performing everyday activities without painLet Dava Sobel and Arthur C. Klein’s Backache: What Exercises Work work wonders in ending your back pain. Only this book has the techniques you need.

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