Sun. Sep 22nd, 2019

Top 12 Books About Vaccines

#2 Behind Closed Doors: Uncovering the Practices Harming Our Children’s Health and What We Can Do About It by Joanne Stanton

Description of the book:

Behind Closed Doors tells the story of two mothers who began investigating serious health issues in their own son and daughter—and ended up writing an expose about the declining health of an entire generation of American children. In their relentless attempts to improve the health of their own children, they uncovered harmful trends in our food, pharmaceuticals, and environment, all stemming from weak laws and conflicts of interest. What they discovered shocked and ultimately empowered them to get actively involved in questioning and reforming these harmful, out-of-balance practices, and to inspire other moms to do the same. Behind Closed Doors not only offers scientifically verified evidence of how declining industry practices are harming our kids, but showcases solutions like environmental medicine and other integrative health practices, shares personal success stories, and provides tools and solutions parents can immediately implement—equipping and inspiring us all to stand together for change.